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NeoLoader ChangeLog

Postby DavidXanatos » Wed Feb 06, 2013 8:32 pm

Next Release 0.53a build 167

Release 0.52d build 166
fixed issue loading filelist
fied gui bug with simple progressbars
added logging to hash db to spot for errors

Beta Release 0.52c build 165
updated the UTP library

Beta Release 0.52b build 164
fix to fine list loading

Release 0.52a build 163
Fixed issue with hoster multi part downloads
Improved torrent metadata download
Fixed ui errors with non standard DPI settings

Release 0.51g build 162
fixed crash in file menu
fixed crash in hash verification
fixed some filename issues

Release 0.51f build 161
improved a4af switching
fixed reask error with trackers
fixed issue with window modality and neo closing when in tray
fixed ftp download issues
fixed an issue with auto download management

Release 0.51e build 160
Fixed category bug

Release 0.51e build 159
fixed crash bug
fixed grabber issue

Release 0.51e build 158
fixed crash bug

Release 0.51d build 157
fixed some menu issues
* choose which log tab open at startup
* server list order bug
* keyboard input from tray icon for limit not work
* renaming multifile bug
* columms selection uploaded/downloaded reverted explain
* global speeds position should be reversed
* neoshare overhead not calculated
* hidden advanced view progressbar missing in details
* neoshare overhead not shown without adv hidden view

Release Candidate 0.51d build 156
fixed issue causing partial rehashing of all incopmplete downloads on start
fixed statistics.ini not saved

Beta Release 0.51c build 155
fixed issues when starting neoloader from program dir with UAC off or from admin account
added customizable sub items for downloads and shared file list / catgory views
added new file stats
added prealocation button
build 154:
fixed some more upload issued v2
build 153:
fixed some more upload issued
build 152:
fixed some upload issues
build 151:
improved bandwidth control's cpu utilization
added setting to save log to file
switched default crypto provider to openssl
improved HDD IO a lot

Release 0.51b build 150
Fixed some upload issues
fixed updater failing to fin dupdates when installed to program files and not run as admin

Beta Release 0.51b build 149
fixed issue #6 progress bar bug
reworked some crypto stuff
added option to use openssl instead of crypto++
fixed some more minor issues

Release 0.51 build 148
many many bug fixes
some major fixes to neo kad

Beta Release 0.51 build 146
updated to VS2013
updated v8 engine
updated mac build
updated linux builds
improved dump mechanism now versiona nd build number are storred in file name
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Re: NeoLoader ChangeLog

Postby DavidXanatos » Wed Mar 18, 2015 12:49 pm

Release 0.50f
Fixed issues with neo share
reworked neo share a bit more
reworked gui code
added new GUI icons

Beta Release 0.50e
Added intelligent content categorisazion
Fixed big memory leak in neo kad engine
Fixed many bugs in neo share
Added neoshare option to share files by any hash
Fixed issues with neokad packet decompression

Beta Release 0.50d
minor fixes

Beta Release 0.50c
Reworked smart search
Added collections groupe search results
Change part request scheme to work on relative base
Status bar is not also relative avail based
Added proper ed2k server view
Reworked ed2k search
Improved simple progress bar

Beta Release 0.50b
minor fixes

Beta Release 0.50a
Added Hosting file details tab
reworked archive handling
added auto reupload option for manual hoster uploads

fixed bugs

Release 0.49b
Chinese language not working NeoLoader Translation
Data downloaded and file sizes often do not match while downloading ed2k files, downloaded data counter can reach 300% file size when NL do final verification/ when file is available and placed into Inc folder. searches aren't working, click on any result = no script error.
Many ed2k/hosters/neokad 0.49 Bugs

MAC Build

added force status to queue comumn

foxed Missing connection lost with the server log line

updated hoster scripts

Release 0.49
Fixed streaming issues
Don’t allocate paused files
Fixed crash bug
added upload priority
Added individual transfer log (double click on a transfer to open a tab with that transfers log only)
Added kick ass torrents support
Added option to disable saving of search results between sessions
Added advanced settings page
Added option to clear history (use the clear completed button)
Added sort a files in alphabetical order (AaBbCc...XxYxZz), not in Linux-alphabet order (
Added hashing priority
added torretn import option

Release 0.48
Priority system is now working also on upload
fixed: Create MultiFile its not greyed out when no file its selected
added combo box for "Mid state in separate core setting should be removed"
With separate core the UI instances is now limited to 1
fixed: Chunk Selection Bar overlay its not working correctly and maybe also chunk selection (imho we should use "zz" system)
fixed statistics bug (8. statistics bug)
fixed pie charts in summary page to always show 100% even if networks got dissabled
fixed: Check for update setting its ignored with separate core, updates are checked at every UI launch
fixed: 2. lose speed bug
added: write lock for files being verifyed to prevent corruption in some cases
fixed: 11. remaining bug
added option to temporary change bandwidth limits using tray menu
fixed crash in ipc system on shutdown
fixed 2.!ZoUWVKSY!RI5hvFqL_Ltq7igiCtPAe8t5ZD7DtMjYazGRjQLSIc0
added default option to simplify grabber interface
added check to ensure master hash can not be dropped
grabber list is now saved on exit

Release 0.47b
Fixed Delete Bug (1
Fixed archive bug (3
added a sanity check to fix (5
fixed tracker bug (6
fixed crash bug related to duplicated files and ed2k handling

Release 0.47a
reworked hashing system
fixed many bugs

Release 0.45c
reworked file handling to remove bottlenecks not even 30000 files are not a problem
fixed critikal neo kad bug in transport obfuscation code

Release 0.45a
added priority download system
reworked file streaming
improved download start when allogating large files
added preallocation limit, a.k.a. negnegably smal files are not being prealocated (init seting)
fixed issue causing invalid hashing after adding a multifile from grabber

Release 0.44d
Improved torrent queue,
added source icons,
improved web UI added streaming option for media files
fixed availability calculation issues

Release 0.44c

Release 0.44b
improved transport overhead handling (previusly called ACK limiting)
added Cliack'n'load2 support
reworked peer/source management for torrent and muke

Release 0.44a
Added a new Web UI
added new automated searchmode

Release 0.44
added more tray options
reworked availability calculation
improves fitness bar mode of opetation
fixed issues with rehashing
fixed ed2k status bug with sct
improved torrent tracker handling permanentyl dissbalign failed trackers

Release 0.43e (NeoKad 0.11b) - beta
fixed many many neo related kad bugs
add do not extract single archives
allow hosters to resume broken archive downloads
merge progress baars

Release 0.43d (NeoKad 0.11a) - beta
added polisch translation by Filemon
added chinese translation

Reworked NeoKads script error handling tom improve debugguing.
improved NeoKads smart lookup handling
added capability to fully script controll a runnning neokad lookup

Next Release 0.43c - beta
improved cover retrival for onine search

  • Mega bug: 1.Neoloader can't display size(downloaded). - 2.Neoloader can't download two files from mega at the same time. - 3.If file is .7z ,neoloader can't display progress. - 4.After stopping download,neolaoder can't save progress. / note by neo: advanced progressbar is bugged too with a yellow overline
  • crash when publishing archhive files
  • part recovery doe snot working after crash

Release 0.43b - beta
added option add hash / remove hash – reseting to parent masterhash?
-> this enables users to download a file from multiple networks without the aid of NeoKad
added option to paste links
added option to copy links

  • Hashing failed when a undetected hash conflict was present due to missing metadata
  • progres bar size bug / progresbar error on deleted file

Release 0.43a - beta
Updated hoster scripts
Added port increment fallback machanism
Added proper unix signal handler to neoloader
Added an option to mount a NeoLaoder Filesystem using fuse in linux to better stream downloads to external players
Added default ed3k servers requested by neo26
Reworked DLC container import now always using grabber and evaluating files before adding
reworked part sheduling to use mess CPU with multifile torrents
reworked p2p switching behavioure
added copy link to clipboard menu options
added allocation count
reworked ed2k a4af handling

  • Overwolf bandwitch limits bug Video
  • Allocate 1 file per time condiction is not respected.

Release 0.42c (NeoKad 0.1b)
Perfect forward Secrecy is now mandatory for all kad connections
reworked kad address handling
Added Perfect forward Secrecy to kad routes
reworked route handling
reworked kad tunnel management
fixed multiple issues with kad bandwidth/overhead calculation
fixed issues with kad route sessions synchronisation

Release 0.42b (NeoKad 0.1a)
Changed lookup handling to improve completion speed
fixed issues with recursive lookups
improved recursive lookup system.
updated NeoKad Script API
fixed bug in Kad Index.

Release 0.42a
Reworked Hashing system and conflict resolution
Added Queue System for torrents
fixed issues with kad publishments
solved some mulekad issues
Add proper a4af management for eMule
Added file prealocation to prevent freezes when writign at fare indexes

Make grabber search file not startable
add file dialog now parses urls from text
Add info to summary window, captcha solvers hosster bans active stuf etc..
Add port warning
store last directory from which DLCs or torrents were opened
handle the case better when some links are temporary down
if no other sources start downloading auto switch to archive hash wait 2 minutes (if no sources available wait 30sek)
save passwords in archive links
reworked archive handling
added mega progress
reworked SCT block handling
Modifyed part request to improve part clustering

Fixed known bugs:
  • [color="#008000"]Neo26: Stopped MultiFile disappeared bug: Screenshot[/color]
  • [color="#008000"]Neo26: Wrong .dmp filename scheme (hour in the middle of date)[/color]
  • [color="#008000"]onOehTsIsihT: Advanced progressbar bug Screenshot[/color]
  • [color="#008000"]Neo26: Firefox open a new tab each time a link is opened from NeoLoader[/color]
  • [color="#008000"]onOehTsIsihT: FW status bug[/color]
  • [color="#008000"]onOehTsIsihT: NeoLoader sometimes can't create temp file[/color]
  • [color="#008000"]onOehTsIsihT: Can't define multifile:[/color]
  • [color="#008000"]onOehTsIsihT: Crash when download multiple files from NeoShare[/color]

Release 0.41f
limit requesting to 1 GB past already downloaded size
Make grabber search file not startable
make add file dialog parse urls from text
don’t allow to copy useless links
Add info to summary window, captcha solvers hosster bans active stuf etc..
Add port warning
store last directory from which DLCs or torrents were opened
handle the case better when some links are temporary down
if no other sources start downloading auto switch to archive hash wait 2 minutes (if no sources available wait 30sek)
fix archive single file unpack issue – don’t forget to kill them temp file
test mega download / add mega progress
fix resetign avail counter on failed uploads

Release 0.41e
reworked neo kad publiching scheme
fixed many minor bugs

Release 0.41d
reworked source management
fixed issue with head requests on file download urls
added firewall status icon

Release 0.41c
reworked multifile handling
fixed many many bugs
disabled ed2k compression when ed2k upload > 128 KB/s
addes better statistics and statistics ini
reworked torretn metadata retrival

Next Release 0.41b
added support for captcha solving services
added save search results on exit
added option to repeat a search manually
localized and reworked available search criteria
added custom web search script support
fixed many bugs
added option to disable extended hoster support
reworked hostercache policy

Release 0.41
Added download list rotation so that all files will get an equal shot at connecting
added custom autosort settings for each relevant list instead of one global
fixed bluetac download
fixed omitted overhead in libUTP
Added Ethernet frame overhead calculation
fixed random hash issue
fixed eMule download import, now import can also be done into already existing files
fixed bug in SCT implementation
added summary windows
added transfer volume statistics
added top hoster cached files in neo kad list
improved hostercache and hoster upload
fixed major bug in NeoShare part status transfer

Release 0.40d
Added new Halted priority to be used for preventing sub files from being downlaoded, instead of using the start/stop/pause states
start/stop/pause is now replicated to all sub files in the tree cherarchy
fixed empty folders not being cleared form incomming directory
Added file remove dialog to replace the 2 remove commands remove/delete
fixed mega bug
fixed tray close bug

Release 0.40c
Improved Hash Tree performance by factor of 10
fixed kad publiching bug when using secure hash
added IO reordering to reduce HDD load and improve IO performance
added support for xfilesharing CMS based hosters (155)
fixed a bug in gui that allowed to set ed2k status for multi files
fixed some hoster bugs mega shoudl now work fine

Release 0.40b
switched NIST Curves with brainpool once
added Proxy Option for hoster downloads
added cache size limit
Improved TCP overhead Estimation, should now have less than 5% Error.
fixed nasty memory corruption in ed2kMule code
fixed memory leek in hashset handling
extended hoster API to support complex download/upload schemes like needed for mega
added mega support script and a few other new scripts
fixed bug in eMule code causing lost of ranking informations

Release 0.40a
fixed description bug,
neo kad search bug,
and updated hosters

Release 0.40
Rework of the hashing system
added eMule download import
fixed some upload issues
some more minor fixes
added ed2k server support
moved default download dir to Users/*/Downloads/NeoLoader/..
added estimeted SYN ACK overhead recording
added proepr IP overhead estimation for UTP frames
added option to prevent standby while neo is running
Added eDonkey-Hybrid horde protocol
fixed MuleKad not being able to geta buddy
reworked the hoster system

NeoLoader 0.39
added download plan bar
added progres counter to advanced status bars
added download per session counter
added emulecolection file support
fixed many many bugs
updated ed2k protocol extension flags, now using "nl" tag for NeoLoader only extensions
Replaced RangeMap based Neo SCT v3 with Netfinitys Crumb based SCT v2 for better compatibility with SCT enabled eMule mods.
added eMule Nicn Name Display
added exit prompt to neoloader with countdown
addes security page to 1st start wizard
fixed bug in avaiability dispaly for hoster downlaods
fixed manor bug in ed2kMule protocol breaking packed packets (mostly longer XS replys)

NeoLoader 0.38
Added Ping based max upload speed sense
Reworked socket code to reduce amount of buffers and those make bandwidth faster.
Added Active Transfers view to the tree, showing actually running upload and download sessions
Added new upload management emulating NeoMules feature set.
added new setting page for network option
fixed sub grupes in tree not colapsed on start
fixed dissable autosort nowworking
added option (default on) to auto start new found shared files
fixed neo trying to share an file an an empty path always spamming log with "failed to add file to list," ats startup
added manual add source dialog

NeoLoader 0.37
improved low ID callback handling
fixed upload does nto end bug in ed2k
crash bug in eMule source handling
added convinient subgrupes to download and share view
fixed mule sources sometimes not connecting to file and file dont counting traffic
fixed not displaying duplicate files
added current upload size to upload column for each transfer
added estimated download time display
added upload/download active/waiting count to files
fixed critical bug in eMule protocol obfuscation for incomming connections

NeoLoader 0.36g
fixed part status bug in ed2k protocol handling
increaded upload buffer
increesed bandwidth controll resolution
fixed upload start bug
fixed upload abbort if to much data in cache
increased chunk priority on incomplete parts
added spanish translation thx to petermrg

NeoLoader 0.36f
fixed autosort bug in tree view model,
reduced CPU usage when updating tree view widget.
added simple progress bars
fixed eMule socket leak.
added close IO on file stop
added additional info to stas

NeoLoader 0.36e
added additional info to eMule sources
fixed major bug in LowID ed2k callback handling causing dynamic connection limit to go haywire, that sometimes caused neo to stop opening new connections

NeoLoader 0.36d
fixed eMule/torretn encryption bug on incomming connections
fixed critical crash bug with Part maps

NeoLoader 0.36c
added normal magnet link format
added italian translation thx @ Neo26

NeoLoader 0.36b
Fixed Socket Read Buffer bug that caused sometimes block corruption
fixed a bug with eMule protocol obfuscation padding
fixed eMuleSocket ignoring Require Obfuscation setting.
many minor bug fixes
Added VPN LockIN

NeoLoader 0.36a
fixed Mulekad x64 bug
fixed crash bug when grabbing http links
added support for JDownlaoders clisn'n'load
added registration for magnet and ed2k links
added registration for *.torrent and *.dlc files
fixed eMule protocol bug for files with only one part

NeoLoader 0.36
Added corruption logger
Improved endgame
added ed2k and magnet link, *.torrent and *.dlc registration opening as comandline argument
added single application check, to prevent multiple instances of the same NeoLoader (multiple instance of neoloaders using different config is still ok)

NeoLoader 0.35c
many bug fices
qt 5.1

NeoLoader 0.35a
Fixed a bug with the crash dump mechanism.
Neo Checks if it has write access to /Config and if not uses a dir on users home path (user/Neo/Config)
fixed crash bug in regard to qt 5 qobject destruction
fixed neo kad search bug

NeoLoader 0.35
New Updater
Qt5 binarys
oficial 64 bit windows version

NeoLoader 0.33 with NeoKad 0.9
Qt updated to Qt 5.0.2
Windows 64 bit version VS2012
Added NeoKad Script Debugger
Fixed many bugs in Neokad
Fixed error in DLC handling
Fixed filename error in hoster downloads
Fixed torrent download when some sub files are disabled

NeoLoader 0.32d
updated qwt plot library
updated qtservices libs
updated qjsoin libs
updated qbencode libs

NeoLoader 0.32b
Reworked Qt's JavaScript debugger to work with googles V8 engine, for NeoKad Debugging.
fixed UTF8 bug in torrent file names (Qt's utf8 conversion suxxx, now done manually and it works)
fixed crash bug when canceling a torrent

NeoLoader 0.32a
Fixed rehashing problem on restart (i hope)
Fixed unicode bug in filenames

NeoLoader 0.32
Reworked Hash conflict detection
Fixed bugs in hashing system
Reworked endgame mode, sometimes parts did never compelte if some clients send bad data.
Fixed file Duplicate handling and detection in multifile torrents
Added ipfilter auto update

NeoLoader 0.31b
added optional column auto sort
added stat graph reset menu command
fixed file writing prevent overwritign already downlaoded ranges in endgame mode
added DHT check, to announce after DHT connection was confirmed
fixed a bug that made BC instances show last data rate instead of 0 when all transfers stopped
fixed a bug with NeoKad script signatures
added script dialog to neo kad to easly inspect srtipt stats

NeoLoader 0.31a
fixes see:

NeoLoader 0.31 & NeoKad 0.08
Reworked NeoKad session handling
added dedicated socket session for each lookup
added per lookup BC.
cleaned up design

Fixed bug when adding torretn file and file staying in panding state.
Reworked BC limit handling to smart self manage references.
fixed many bugs reported by Neo26

Release 0.30b
fixed bug in hash publishment
Added connection limit on incomming connections
Added timeout to captcha dialog
fixed firewalled chack in neokad
fixed NAT-T bug ine NeoKad
fixed crash bug in DHT
fixed crash bug in tracker handling

Release 0.30
Finished implementaion of Neo Share
NeoKad Updated to 0.07

Release 0.29c
Added 1st Start Wizard
Reworked sockets, not longer using QT wrapers to in improve Bandwidth Controller stability and minimize CPU usage

Release 0.29b
Reworked Mulr Kad integration to allow for UDP packet proxying
Reworked Torrent DHT code, now using a library instead of a separated process

Release 0.29
UTP for bittorent (
NAT HolePunch for bittorent
NAT-Traversal for emule (Neo Version v3)
fixed a bug in hashing system
resowked connection management
fixed cache state bug that caused file not to complete
Added Merkle Torrent Support (
fixed bandwidth controll issue causing high CPU load
fixed torrent connection hanling bugs
fixed a few crash bugs in ed2kMule code
Fixed ommitions in eMule AICH implementation

Release 0.28
fixed 2 issues with archive file handling
fixed temp dir cleanup on multi file completion
fixed a torrent crash bug on incomming connections
fixed a major bug in file endgame mode
fixed major error in torrent file creation
added proper hash conflict resolving
fixed an issue in hoster selection, now premium downlaods are preffered.
fixed a crash bug in NeoKad
reworked Hoster part download system to select premium parts first
fixed a bug in hashset loading
fixed crash bug in neoloader kad updating
fixed bug in hash tree verification

Release 0.27a
NeoKad is now using UTP instead of UDT

Release 0.27
Fixed IPv6 support bug in BitTorrent System
Added IPv6 support to ed2kMule System
Added HostCache for P2P downloads
Added block request clustering to enable accelerated part compeetion for HostCache Upload
Updated hoster scripts
Fixed a bug when adding ed2k magnet links
Added Summary page for each file, providing explicit status informations, error explanations as well as suggestions how to speed up file download.
Reworked torrent storring system
Reworked Hash Storring, now hashsets are strorred in a QSLite DB instead of myriads of single files.
Fixed major memory leak in linked part map handling
Made Upload more Smooth
fixed memory leak in IO Manager
added info to captcha dialog for which file it is
added approximated IP overhead to Bandwidth Controll
Neo Now shows how a source was found, by kad/DHT, XS/PEX or tracker, etc...
fixed bug with incomming torrent connections

Release 0.26b
fixed a bug causing no to freez when trying to use a account for web login
Fixed file move bug that caused moved files belonging to a multi file Torrens to lose association
reworked hoster download management

Release 0.26
Fixed download start issue with web downloads
Fixed file move bug that caused moved single file Torrens to lose metadata
Started writing changelog

Release 0.25d

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