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Problems connecting to Mulekad and NeoKad

Posted: Sun Dec 01, 2013 5:24 pm
by biclasOS
Following what I posted in this post:
Also I don't seem to be connecting to Kad or Neo(kad?) network. torrents work fine though! Maybe I should create a new topic, but how do I check if I am connected?

I found a way to see if I am connected to neokad or not, this information is under statistics.
In fact NeoKad never connects. It displays "connecting". MuleKad does connect but says it is firewalled, which it is not, I have set the proper firewall rules, and I am using a VPN that doesn't require port forwarding.
I can do searches in MuleKad, but I can't download any of the found files! They just sit there for ever doing nothing!

I am also looking dor a way to connect to a ed2k server, but haven't been able to find the settings! Could anyone point me in the right direction? :)

Posted: Mon Dec 02, 2013 10:58 am
by DavidXanatos
I will do some tests on a suse VM...

to add servers got o eMule properties ad add some server urls to the static server list on the bottom

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