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Postby Neo26 » Thu Jun 12, 2014 7:28 am

Queque system is not working, I'm downloading a lot of torrent and the limit is 5.
When a torrent is completed neoloader does not start the next one.
more strange thing: I can't remove the completed torrent (that are only 3) from the download list. Those torrents contains halted files.

EDIT I had to reboot to remove the completed files, but it didn't solve the problem. After some time they appeared again. I removed it again and now seems gone, but to run the next 3 torrent I had to manual stop the completed ones.

I got the log message

"08:30:56: File test_01 as been downlaoded
08:30:59: File test_02 as been downlaoded
08:31:03: File test_03 as been downlaoded"

But I don't know if it happened right after startup when the files where in download list completed, or if when appeared again the 2nd time after the 1st removal from list. Thought they're not appearing anymore it seems. They appeared almost after the "Stop", maybe its related...

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