NeoLoader 0.44 Release

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NeoLoader 0.44 Release

Postby DavidXanatos » Sun May 04, 2014 4:13 pm


Release 0.44
added more tray options
reworked availability calculation
improves fitness bar mode of opetation

Beta 0.43e (NeoKad 0.11b)
fixed many many neo related kad bugs
add do not extract single archives
allow hosters to resume broken archive downloads
merge progress baars

Beta Release 0.43d (NeoKad 0.11a)
added polisch translation by Filemon
added chinese translation

Reworked NeoKads script error handling tom improve debugguing.
improved NeoKads smart lookup handling
added capability to fully script controll a runnning neokad lookup

Beta Release 0.43c
improved cover retrival for onine search

  • Mega bug: 1.Neoloader can't display size(downloaded). - 2.Neoloader can't download two files from mega at the same time. - 3.If file is .7z ,neoloader can't display progress. - 4.After stopping download,neolaoder can't save progress. / note by neo: advanced progressbar is bugged too with a yellow overline
  • crash when publishing archhive files
  • part recovery doe snot working after crash

Beta Release 0.43b
added option add hash / remove hash – reseting to parent masterhash?
-> this enables users to download a file from multiple networks without the aid of NeoKad
added option to paste links
added option to copy links

  • Hashing failed when a undetected hash conflict was present due to missing metadata
  • progres bar size bug / progresbar error on deleted file

Beta Release 0.43a
Updated hoster scripts
Added port increment fallback machanism
Added proper unix signal handler to neoloader
Added an option to mount a NeoLaoder Filesystem using fuse in linux to better stream downloads to external players
Added default ed3k servers requested by neo26
Reworked DLC container import now always using grabber and evaluating files before adding
reworked part sheduling to use mess CPU with multifile torrents
reworked p2p switching behavioure
added copy link to clipboard menu options
added allocation count
reworked ed2k a4af handling

  • Overwolf bandwitch limits bug Video
  • Allocate 1 file per time condiction is not respected.

Additionally to Torrent and eMule file sharing, NeoLoader now also has its own sharing network.
NeoShare is a anonymous P2P filesharing network that uses NeoKad to route packets between cryptographic endpoints. The implementaion provides TOR/I2P anonymization to those who want it, as well as plausible deniability to all other users. A node initiates a secure comminucation channel which is indistinguishable form a node mearly relaying data frames. The data frames are relayed using a unidirectional convergent mesh routing towards the tunnel exchange points in the target area. This method ensures that slow relaying nodes do not pose a bottle neck in the tunnel. All data is transferred using end-to-end encryption (using EC-Diffie-Hellman key exchange and AES 256 bit encryption). Additionally all communication between each hop is encrypted so that a traffic analysis can not reveal the route of data frames through the network.

To sped up your Torrent and eMule Downloads:
We have a unique feature called "Hoster Cache". When you add your hoster accounts (free or premium) to NeoLoader, your client will upload data from the Torrent and ed2k network to file hosters. Other NeoLoader clients can then download the data directly from hosters. So the uploader multiplies his own upload bandwith by using hosters as a "cache" to spread files. You can test our new Hoster Cache Feature using this TestFile. You find the password to your NeoLoader under Settings -> General. (Address can be left empty, assuming NeoLoader is running on the same host as your WebBrowser).
Download TestFile

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