NeoLoader 0.50 Release

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NeoLoader 0.50 Release

Postby DavidXanatos » Sun Mar 08, 2015 3:51 pm


Release 0.50f
Fixed issues with neo share
reworked neo share a bit more
reworked gui code
added new GUI icons

Beta Release 0.50e
Added intelligent content categorisazion
Fixed big memory leak in neo kad engine
Fixed many bugs in neo share
Added neoshare option to share files by any hash
Fixed issues with neokad packet decompression

Beta Release 0.50d
minor fixes

Beta Release 0.50c
Reworked smart search
Added collections groupe search results
Change part request scheme to work on relative base
Status bar is not also relative avail based
Added proper ed2k server view
Reworked ed2k search
Improved simple progress bar

Beta Release 0.50b
minor fixes

Beta Release 0.50a
Added Hosting file details tab
reworked archive handling
added auto reupload option for manual hoster uploads

fixed bugs

ImageLinux (x64)

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