Base NeoKad Client/Servant

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Base NeoKad Client/Servant

Postby mph » Tue Aug 16, 2016 12:02 am

Neoloader has tons of nice options. I for one am really interested in NeoKad. I really dislike I2P primarily because it is Java based. Same issue with Freenet. I don't even wanna touch TOR. Gnunet is actually pretty neat, but after looking into it I worried about certain aspect of privilege escalation. While the worry may be unwarranted, I am not at the level to establish for myself this as the case. However coming from the GNU community I imagine that I am concerned over nothing. But I don't have that concern with the Neokad.

What I am wanting to try, or request, is a base Neokad only client/servant with a minimal curses/ncurses like interface. Or maybe a headless Neokad only client/servant, that could be interfaced remotely via terminal, qt, gtk, wxwidgets, etc. All functionality available via the daemon, with just a need to implement remote clients.

I never succeeded in porting Neoloader itself to my operating system. At the time Qt5 wasn't packaged current enough. And I wasn't interested in manually building the Qt5 tools or any Qt tools just for use with Neoloader. I barely use gtk.

I don't expect anyone to spend time coding for my lowly request. But I'd love input. I don't even know how active the Neokad network is. Is it gaining a user base? And what is the minimum limit of users before it functions as a network. I'm not asking how many users before it starts anonymizing well, just how many before connectivity is apparent. I've come to understand that kad itself needs 50,000 users, or some really high quantity of nodes, before it functions as a reliable network.

Anyway, any response is appreciated.

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