User-selectable number of hops

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User-selectable number of hops

Postby Neophyte » Sun Feb 07, 2016 2:05 am

I am not sure I understand how NeoShare works. It is described as Tor-like onion routing yet "the use of variable length tunnels including 0 hoops gives the system the distinct advantage over other anonymous P2P implementations". How can zero hops ensure anonymity? In Tor documentation it is explained that in order to guarantee anonymity the minimum number of hops has to be three.

Is it possible to make the number of hops selectable by user? For example, the default number of hops would be three, but the user would be able to increase the number of hops up to seven. So on the "Select Speed vs Anonymity for NeoShare" slider the first point from the left (the far left point) would mean three hops, the next point would be four hops and so on up to seven hops on the far right end of the slider (the middle position as shown on the following picture would signify five hops)...


As David has already replied to someone, the slider does mean the number of hops, it's just it would be logical to me to be from three hops at least up to seven, and the quoted sentence citing 0 hops confuses me.

Can David ar somebody else clarify this for me, please?

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